Momme Explained: What You Should Know Before Choosing A Silk Pillowcase

Aiming to get a great night’s rest?


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Consider adding a silk pillowcase to your wishlist if you’d like to improve your life with quality sleep and better hair and skin. But upgrading your life by looking at the right type of silk pillowcase isn’t enough.

There are a lot of factors to consider, with one of them being the silk’s momme weight. Before investing in your first silk pillowcase, read through our quick guide first to know more about momme and how it plays a part in choosing the perfect pillowcase for you.


So... What Exactly is Momme?

Pronounced as “moe-mie” and abbreviated as “mm”, momme is basically a unit of measurement. In love with silk? Its momme weight and density should be the first thing you should look for. 

You may be asking, “Why not just use thread count?” 

Well, thread counts are mostly used for cotton. Because silk threads are finer and can easily reach a higher number, one will have a hard time using the usual system when determining the silk quality.



Why Is Momme So Important In Silk?

The silk’s momme count gives you an idea of how durable the silk is. The higher the momme silk weight, the thicker the fabric, the better the quality of the silk pillowcase. This means that your silk pillowcase can deal with heavy-duty washing, letting you enjoy your silk products for years to come.



How Do You Weigh Momme? 

You can determine the momme weight of silk per 100 yards. A piece of silk material will normally be 45 inches at 100 yards, with the entire calculation commonly identified in pounds. Let’s say we have a piece of silk that measures 45 inches at 100 yards. If it weighs 22 pounds, the momme weight would be 22 momme.



What is the Best Silk and Momme Weight For Silk Pillowcases?

While 11-16 momme is considered good enough, 19 momme and above are the ones considered high quality, as it is more durable than other silk types. As for silk types, the natural and breathable mulberry silk is your best friend. 

Here at SilkFairy, we believe in superb quality that is why we created silk pillowcases that are 22 momme in grade 6A. 

Who says you can only experience quality sleep fit for a queen in your dreams? This pure Mulberry silk checks off all the standards set by the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ensuring quality sleep as you’ve never experienced before. 



Quality over Quantity 

SilkFairy wants to give you the experience of a silk pillowcase that you can treasure for a long time to come. That’s why we provide high-quality fabrics that are worth investing in. Your SilkFairy pillowcase will not only benefit your skin and hair but will also be there right beside you while you conquer the world. You deserve the best quality day AND night!   


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