About Us

about silkfairy


Silkfairy is created by Malaysian entrepreneurs & sisters Adeline and Adalia

The two sisters were born in a family that has been in the textile industry for more than 20 years. They grew up exposed to the inner workings of the fabrics industry. Since they were little both sisters can detect quality from afar.  Adeline and Adalia were influenced to make their own mark in the textile industry. This shift happened when they each received a silk pillowcase as a gift. 

silk pillowcase malaysia

As the months passed by with their own silk pillowcases, they saw an improvement not only with their quality of sleep but with their overall quality of life. Sleep wrinkles were at a minimum, no frizzy and tangled hair to deal with in the mornings, and acne breakouts were at an all-time low. 

From that day forward, they realized that your beauty regimen doesn’t end with your skincare and haircare routine. 

With those pillowcases, they saw an opportunity—a way to give the gift of a great night’s rest to the ladies of Malaysia and Singapore, as well as to the rest of the world. 

silkfairy silk pillowcase malaysia

Thus, SilkFairy was born. 

As they extend the power of silk to you, they look forward to providing a luxury pillowcase that will welcome you after a tiring day of working towards your goals. More than being just a product of luxury, these pillowcases help you achieve a more radiant and healthier version of you. 

With Silkfairy pillowcases, every second of your beauty sleep counts