About Us

Silkfairy was created by Malaysian entrepreneurs & sisters Adeline and Adalia. Growing up in the textile industry, the sisters were exposed to the inner workings of the fabrics industry from a very young age.

Catching the vision of bringing Silkfairy beyond Malaysia, Rebecca Lee, took over the reins for growth and expansion.

An ex-private banker in Singapore, with more than 15 years in the banking industry, Rebecca has developed an eye for classic elegant style, and firmly believes in delivering affordable luxury without compromising on quality.

As a person who suffers from insomnia for many years and trying different method, she knows really well that a quality sleep is important. Her insomnia got better upon discovering the benefits of silk. As an avid user of the Silkfairy pillow case, she understands first-hand the importance of good quality sleep, and its relation to improving the overall quality of life.

In the hectic fast-paced private banker life in Singapore, this is indeed priceless! Drawing from her own personal experience of incorporating Silkfairy products in her lifestyle, she saw improved sleep, minimal sleep wrinkles, no frizzy and tangled hair, which makes getting ready in the morning a breeze, and acne breakouts were almost non-existent!  

Let us help you achieve a more radiant and healthier version of you! As the team extends the power of silk to you, we look forward to providing a luxury pillowcase that will welcome you after a long, tiring day, one that would give your wearied body some respite.  

With Silkfairy pillowcases, every second of your beauty sleep counts

* Rebecca Lee, CEO of Silkfairy Pte. Ltd.