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Baby Silk Pillow

Baby Silk Pillow

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The 100% A6 pure mulberry silk pillow that is made with the highest grade has a specially designed contour to provide optimal support for the head along with the silk filling that will give your baby a lasting comfort sleep.

Our silk pillow is ideal for a baby's first pillow due to its temperature-regulating properties, hypoallergenic nature and anti-mite feature. Along with being the ultimate in softness and comfort, 100% pure silk pillows are great for baby's skin, hair, and overall comfort. Unlike cotton sheets, silk pillowcase are moisturizing, gentle to the touch, temperature regulating and naturally hypoallergenic. A pure silk case for your baby's pillow will soothe and calm your baby. Silk is also good for preventing baby's bald spot and perfect for eczema. 

This silk pillow is also perfect for your furbabies. The silk pillow is strong enough to withstands scratches from the furbabies. It's ideal for a healthy fur and sensitive skin!


100% A6 pure mulberry silk filling + 22mm silk pillowcase.

There are 5 beautiful colours for you to choose from.

Suitable for newborn and up to age 3 years old.

Size: 33x44 cm.

22 momme

The benefits of the silk pillow:

- The silk pillow is soft and comfortable. It helps keep the head and neck in a physiologically correct position.
- The silk pillow is hypoallergenic. It is suitable for babies with sensitive skin, prone to allergies and it's suitable for 
- The silk pillow maintains a comfortable temperature during sleep as silk prevents overheating.

Perfect for baby gifting! Gift wrapping services are available. Please indicate at remark area upon check out.

Get yours today for your precious little one!

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