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Pure Mulberry Silk Headband

Pure Mulberry Silk Headband

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Made with love of 100% pure Mulberry silk, Silkfairy’s 22 momme silk headband is buttery soft, taming the wildest hair while giving you a chic look.

The headband is designed to keep your hair away from your face while you perform your daily routine such as washing your face , sleep and working out. The headband also helps to prevent the crease lines that is usually caused by hairbands.


  • 22 Momme Silk
  • Double Twist Headband Front Knot Headband
  • Perfectly fits on your head-silky soft, not overly tight that could cause headache
  • Sizing: 25 cm
  • Available in 6 colours 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Prevent tangles, creases, and breakages
  • Improve the quality of your hair health, prevent hair loss
  • Prevent skin acne and breakouts by keeping hair away from your face
  • Silky soft and gentle for your hair

MACHINE WASHABLE. See care instructions.

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